Recipe Review: A Bird’s Nest Sandwich from Maupin, OR

saturday 42

For as long as I have known my husband, he has talked about a Bird’s Nest Sandwich that he used to get at The Oasis when he lived in Portland.

He remembered how good the sandwich was and how great the fly fishing was.

Unfortunately, I could not send him to Oregon to fish last week, but I could send him the store for the ingredients for the sandwich.

I will be honest.

I was skeptical.

But Wednesday he made these Bird’s Nest Sandwiches for dinner.

And I loved them.

This is not a sandwich for the birds (pun intended).

Refreshing, light, full of texture.

I made another batch of them today for lunch, but I made them 2 hours ahead and then wrapped them up and put them in the frig.

I liked them even better after that way.

Next time I serve a luncheon or have a little party these will be on the menu.

Bird’s Nest Sandwiches Recipe: 

  • Croissants (we used mini croissants from the bakery section of our grocery store)
  • Cream Cheese (or the low fat kind)
  • Cranberry Jelly
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Turkey
  • Alfalfa Sprouts


Assemble ingredients above and then eat. :) Does not get any easier than that:)

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5 thoughts on “Recipe Review: A Bird’s Nest Sandwich from Maupin, OR

  1. This reminds me of my favorite sandwich from a local shop here in Oklahoma City! I can’t wait to make it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this idea! I’m a huge fan of using cranberry sauce all year round, and this is a lovely way to do so. If only I had a ton of croissants… ;)

    Thanks for participating at Hearthfelt Hopes! I’m so glad to have you there.

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