Home Improvement: Upholstering Yard Sale Finds


Today I ran across this project that I worked on a few years ago.

I still am amazed at the transformation from yard sale item to handsome club chair so I thought I would share it with you.:)

Project totals:

$50 for the pair of yard sale chairs.

$100 for olive green ticking fabric.

$250 approx per chair for upholstery services including new foam, removing the chair skirts, and touching up the (now)exposed chair legs.

Free picked up and delivery.

You just need the vision.

Side note: My favorite upholsterer in the SC update is White’s Upholstery. I have used them for over five years on all sorts of projects. They are great!

4 thoughts on “Home Improvement: Upholstering Yard Sale Finds

  1. Was the total on the project $650 for both chairs or $500 for both. I am wanting to find a chair like this, but I was debating on whether to try to find it used and re-upholster or just buy new. Great job!!!

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