Monday Randomness: Target’s new line Prabal Gurung

I have mixed feelings about these special discount designer lines at Target.

I have seen A LOT of the merchandise in the clearance section because I think a large majority of the Target demographic shop at Target because it’s cheaper than the mall.

And the designer lines tend to be mall prices.

Or the Target consumer as no idea who the featured designer is because…they usually buy their clothes at Target.

I am sure in the big cities, ie New York these products sell amazingly well.

Anyway, there have been a few lines that I loved, but generally I have thought the products they are trying to sell are just silly.

But I spotted these simple pointed toe flats in the newest line, Prabal Gurung for Target.

I have been on the look out for a new pair of simple black pointed flats for a while.

And the price was right at $29.99.

Women’s Prabal Gurung for Target® Pointy-Toe Flat – Black
Women’s Prabal Gurung for Target® Pointy-Toe Flat – Assorted Colors

So I put them in my cyber cart and checked out.

I hope they are as great as they are advertised to be.

What is your opinion of the designer lines at Target?

***** 2/15/13 Update: I received my  new shoes today.

They are comfortable.

They are cute.

When I put them on, I instantly lost 10 pounds ( just kidding).

But they are super great.

I am going to order another pair for when this pair wears out.

Great basic shoe for $29.99.

They make me feel like Audrey Hepburn.

And anything that makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn and only costs $30 is a win! 

The end. *****


4 thoughts on “Monday Randomness: Target’s new line Prabal Gurung

  1. I am usually disappointed in the designer lines. They are usually so cheap looking in person. Once in a while , there is a good piece or two (and I loved the missoni line).

    After the Neiman Marcus disaster, I wouldn’t be surprised if they cut back on these hook-ups.

  2. Some lines I care for more than others. I liked the Liberty of London and the Nate Berkus line (although, I didn’t get the turtle shell I was eyeing). I’ve been trying to grab more color for my wardrobe, so I did buy the floral shorts.

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