What we are up to.

I feel like our life has been a little bit of a whirl wind these last few weeks.

We have a lot going on (who doesn’t?).

This past weekend we traveled the 3 hours to Winston-Salem, NC for a fly fishing show that my husband wanted to attend.

This is all incredibly unexciting news I know, but I was super excited when I discovered the Hane’s Mall ten minutes from the fishing show.

I was able to find a Forever 21 and H&M which are a couple favorites of mine that I don’t have where I live.

Last week we had a QA audit at work which is always incredibly stressful and time consuming.

Then Sunday my husband had to go into work.

Oh and yesterday I got a call from the HOA in my neighborhood.

And apparently I emailed them a while back offering to help with a project….and apparently if you show any interest in the HOA at all they grab you and put you to work…so I will be attending two of their meetings this week.

What I am trying to say is we have been eating a lot of take out and watching a lot of TV to unwind in the evenings.

Slowly but surely we are starting to get back into a little home improvement, and I am starting to cook again.

I spent all of Monday evening (except for a trip to the hardware store) completing the wallpaper striping project we started weeks ago.


I want to get the clean wall Spackled and primed before a bridal shower I am hosting the first weekend in March.

Yikes, I need to get a move on because I have some cool mirrors and photos I want to hang on that wall.

Joe spent the Monday and Tuesday evening installing a new doors for the linen closet and a bedroom. The previous doors had been destroyed by misbehaving cats.

I like cats, but misbehaving cats make me incredibly angry.

Moving on…

But I am hoping to start AND finish a bunch of yummy recipe posts soon as well as a bridal shower menu with recipes.

And this week was my one year blogging anniversary.

So happy anniversary to me and thanks for reading!

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