Monday Randomness: for Tuesday

Yes, I know today is Tuesday which makes my Monday Randomness post even more random.

This post was supposed to go up yesterday but:

#1. I fixed dinner for my whole family (15+) on Sunday afternoon which is usually when I edit photos,

#2 We are trying to refinance our house and the appraiser called yesterday to come appraise the house yesterday.

I am sure your house is always appraiser ready, but mine it not.

We were sanding sheet-rock this weekend.

It looked like it had snowed inside our house (AND IT DID SNOW OUTSIDE OUR HOUSE).

So we spent a lot of Monday whirlwind cleaning in preparation for the appraiser.

This is the point where I would have added pictures of the snow and sanding if I had my act together.

Okay I am done with excuses.

On to other random things:

My niece was finally big enough to wear this little Madeline corduroy dress I found at Goodwill last year for a $1. (please also note the snazzy red shoes)

She was not happy about posing for a picture before church, so just pretend she is smiling.


Did you like Madeline books? I loved them!



I bought some of this stuff this weekend.

Publix brand artichoke spinach dip.


It is amazing!

Then I went to Target, and they didn’t have the mascara I usually buy.

So my sister Nancee Lee convinced me to buy the kind she normally buys because it’s so great.

And she was right.


Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara

This is not for those who like dark trampy I mean vampy looking eyes.

Its just minimal coverage with lots of added length. Perfect for everyday.


And last but not least, I got my wedding photos back today.

I looked through them once already (and teared up).

They are amazing.

This is one of my favorites.

Me and all my siblings.

It’s a rare occasion that we are all together.

Photo by

I hope you are having a great week!

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