Home Improvement: Old Mirrors and New Photos

I have been complaining updating the blog facebook page with our progress on the Great Wall.

Wallpaper, spackle and primer aside, we just can’t decide what to do with it now.

Should we paint stripes?

Horizontal or vertical?

Or stencil some geometric pattern?

Or just paint it a solid color?

Should we do a wood plank treatment?

Well this past weekend we finally threw our hands up in surrender.

The wall project is just not going to get done in time for the bridal shower I am hosting this coming Saturday.

So I just made do and hung up some new wedding photos and a couple mirrors.

We will deal with the rest of the Great Wall project at a later date, when I feel more sane.


To make do, I started with some frames I picked up a few months ago at the Pottery Barn Outlet on clearance for $5.99. Score!

Shopping tip: When I first got to the Outlet, I checked out their frame section and nothing was really marked down. So I meandered on over the the “teen section” and all the teen frames were on clearance …the difference between the PB Teen frames and the PB Gallery Frames=  as far as I can tell there is no difference except for the packaging.

Except that maybe the teen frames have an attitude and raging hormones?

Moving on…

I filled the new found PB Teen frames with a selection of wedding photos.

Then I pulled out some spray paint, a little wood stain and the Goodwill mirror that I used as a centerpiece at Christmas.


And I got busy.

I wanted the mirror to have an interesting finish, not just a flat spray painted color.

So I sprayed the frame with three coats of chocolate brown spray paint and let it dry overnight.

Saturday 001

Saturday 002

Then using a foam brush I went over it with ebony wood stain, and then carefully removed the excess with a towel.

Saturday 004

Saturday 007

Saturday 009

I didn’t want the final product to have a shiny finish.

So once the stain was dry, I gave it a good spray with some matte sealer that my husband had on hand. He is so handy to have around.:)

Saturday 013

Saturday 014

Then I pulled out a cool mirror made from old architecture pieces that my husband picked up at the Tobacco Barn on our honeymoon in November.

It did not have any hangers on the back so I quickly added a few.

Saturday 016

Saturday 020

Saturday 022

It looked great stacked with the oval mirror.

Disclaimer: Public Service Announcement, no matter what angle I tried to take pictures from,  the frames looked wonky and too far apart.

But never fear, in real life the frames are not wonky nor are they too far apart.

Saturday 018

Saturday 034

Saturday 031

It’s a nice big band-aid until we figure out what to do with this wall with too many problems to name.

Tada, what do you think?

PS. The olive green velvet sofa pictured here is my Room and Board Emory sofa  I found on Craigslist for $75 and my HUGE flea market zebra painting .:)

PSS. My husband bought me one of these Hang and Level contraptions.


I was skeptical at first but this thing is a life safer. Makes hanging pictures so easy. I think he found this one at Home Depot.

This product was recently featured in a Real Simple magazine article here.

Update: To see the finished living room go HERE.

5 thoughts on “Home Improvement: Old Mirrors and New Photos

  1. hey so did the stain not just come right off of the paint? i have thought about doing that before but did not think it would stick enough. By the way it looks cool!!!

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