Recipe Review: Buffalo Chicken Dip and Party Pictures

Here are a few pictures from the bridal shower I hosted on Saturday evening with the help of my sisters and sister-in-law:

twopoochpaperie @ etsy

This was the party invitation my sister Nancee Lee decided to use.

She also made a custom stamp through that was super cute!

Saturday 27

Saturday 25

Saturday 26

We scored these cute “KISS” blocks in the Valentine’s Day clearance at Target.

Saturday 8

My sister, Nancee Lee made the party favors. They were bath salts in individual glass apothecary jars:) Super cute.
Saturday 10

Saturday 15

Chocolate Moose made all the mini cupcakes for us. And boy was it worth it!

Carrot Cake

Salted Caramel with Chocolate Cake

And Raspberry Nutella


Saturday 16

My friend Julie Dodds who owns her own floral business, Willow Florals, arranged all the flowers for me.

I told her I just wanted the flowers to be vibrant, and she went with it.

They were so pretty (and I am still enjoying them in my house).


As for the food:

I made this Skinny Taste recipe for Hot and Spicy Buffalo Shrimp Dip for the bridal shower I hosted on Saturday night.

It was a huge hit.


Like there were girls just standing around the dip bowl eating right out of it.

I will not mention any names.

I substituted shredded chicken for the shrimp because the guest of honor was not a fan of sea food.

And I used this extra mild sauce because sometimes girls are weenies and don’t like spicy foods.

I don’t mean to be harsh against my own kind, but it’s true.

What I loved about this sauce is it provided the recipe with the full wing flavor without the heat.

Along with this dip I also served Skinny Taste’s spinach artichoke dip.

To make the dips a little more filling, I toasted simple bakery baguettes.

$1.29 each at my local Publix.

Cheaper than a box of crackers.

Here is how I did it.

Saturday 2

Saturday 1

Preheat the oven to 350°.

Using a bread knife, cut the baguette into 1/2- 3/4 inch slices. You want your slices to be pretty uniform so that they all toast evenly in the oven.

Saturday 3

Place the slices on a baking sheet.

Saturday 5

Using a food safe brush, coating one side of each slice with oil. I used grapeseed but any old oil will do.

Well not old oil, but you know what I mean.

Then bake them in a 350° oven for 8-10 minutes.

Keep an eye on them because you just want to make toasts….not croutons. :)

Once the slices are toasted remove them from the oven and allow them to cool completely.

Once cool, store in a airtight container until ready to use. You can make these a day in advance.

Serve with your favorite dips, spreads or bruschetta.

I literally sat at my computer for ten minutes trying to remember the name of “bruschetta .”

I actually had to Google, “what do you call tomato and basil chopped up?”

I think it’s time for bed.

Moving on.

Saturday 001

When I went grocery shopping for this party, I had not nailed down what fruits I was going to serve.

But I hit a great produce sale and scored a whole bunch of colorful things for super cheap. Yay, chic cheap.

My sister Annie made the chocolate pretzels with a recipe my other sister found on etsy.

Click photo for the “recipe.”

You can read all the of my tips on throwing parties in my post from Sunday.


I hope this inspires you for the next party you host.

And Rebecca and Taylor I wish you the best!


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