Home Improvement: Stenciling the Great Wall Update and a Jungle Hall

saturday-031Here is the great wall with too many problems to name.

You can read about it in this post and this post.

The boys got to vote on the wall because they helped remove all the wallpaper.:)

By unanimous decision we have decided on the birch tree stencil to cover up the issues.

That way we can go on living our life without having to look at it’s imperfections.

We have enough personal imperfections.

Having a wall with it’s own problems is annoying:)

Birch Forest Allover Stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils

Doing something like this is really out of my comfort zone so I am going to keep the colors neutral.

I kept reminding myself that stenciling is no different than wallpaper.

It’s like faux wallpaper.

Except that I won’t want to tear my hair out pulling down the “faux wallpaper” treatment when I get tired of it.

I noticed as I was looking through sample pictures of this stencil that the cool colors used really made it look like a winter scene.

So for that reason I am going to use neutrals with warm tones.

I am going to have the living room painted Sherwin Williams SW 6155 Rice Grain so I will use it as the base color.

And I will use the complimentary color SW 6154 Nacre that is on the same paint strip.


rice grainI am super excited about this project, and I just told my husband that when I get done with the wall I might do the hallway to our bedroom too.

He said,” You are going to make the hall to our bedroom look like a jungle.”

I said,” Yes like the woods that lead to our love nest.”

He laughed and rolled his eyes….which makes me think that I am going to win this argument. :)

6 thoughts on “Home Improvement: Stenciling the Great Wall Update and a Jungle Hall

    1. Thanks! I can’t wait to finish the project! We are working on landscaping this weekend but I hope to start the painting project next week. Yay!

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