Retail Therapy for Friday: You smell nice.

Eau de Toilette collage

I have always been a lover of good smells.

I remember saving my money when I was in school just to buy candles.

I just love being surrounded by lovely smelling things.

And existing in environments with bad smelling things puts me in a grumpy mood.

Shallow I know, I know.

Things I buy because my nose has a bad smell complex:

dried lavender dryer sheets,

specialty laundry detergent,

wall plug-in air fresheners,

 lavender popurri,

and more candles than I would like to admit.

Anyway, I have been on the lookout for a new Eau de Toilette which lead me to reminiscing about all the scents I have worn over the years.


Moonlight Path from Bath and Body Works was my junior high scent. Whenever I smell it I instantly think of awkwardness, backpacks and half lockers because apparently junior highers cannot be trusted with full lockers.


When I got into high school I switched it up and started wearing Ralph Lauren Romance because that’s what cool high school girls wore. Alas I was still not cool.

For that matter, I am still not cool. Quirky but not cool. :)

download (1)

Then in college I went through a long stretch of some sort of depression and switched to Ralph Lauren Blue;)


When I graduated from college I got an internship of sorts with a design company. Part of the perk of that job was that everyone went on a company paid vacation to the South Beach Ritz Carlton every year. Well the Ritz provided Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au the Blanc Eau de Cologne to all their guests. After staying in the hotel and showering with Bvlgari shower gel I fell in love with the scent and promptly switched from my blue’s depression scent. (And it’s still a favorite scent of mine.)


Then that design company dissolved, I lost my job, and I went back to a blues perfume called Bvlgari Blv By Bvlgari For Women.


I went through a few years of trying to find myself, or my scent rather.

And then at my lingerie bridal shower back in October my sister-in-law gifted me with Victoria Secret’s Sheer Love body mist. It’s light and sweet and happy. I love it.

It’s all the things I aspire to be.



And happy.:)


What do all these scents say about me?

That like everything else I do I am very ADD:)

Are you a “one scent for life” kinda person or do you like to switch it up?

16 thoughts on “Retail Therapy for Friday: You smell nice.

  1. Philosophy-Amazing Grace…I don’t even use cologne, just the lotion….discovered it about 7yrs ago and made it my “signature”. I have literally been stopped at the grocery store, had my doctor write it down during a visit, wrote it down for a nail tech, and been hugged and sniffed and swooned upon by so many little kids at school! The sad part is, I don’t even smell it anymore!

  2. I like to wear a scent also from Victoria Secret’s line because it is a light fragrance and my hubby likes it!

  3. One I like to use is Black Currant Vanilla, it’s a body mist by Bath and Body Works…but then sometimes I use a different one depending on what the occasion is. I have a Mary Kay kinds- one is called “Simply Cotton” (no it does not smell like cotton at all)-it’s more of a stronger scent, and then a light fragrance one is called “Joyfull”. I also have Japanese Cherry Flower Blossom but it tends to be too much & only wear it every once in a while.

  4. Well, I am currently finishing up my supply of Dark Kiss (Bath & Body Works). As soon as that is gone I will be using their Forever Red, because that’s what my daughter gave me for Christmas. I do have Clinique’s Happy, which is a favorite. And when I am done with that I really want to try Amazing Grace. I am obviously not a “one scent for life” girl, but I am the kind who has to completely empty one bottle of fragrance before I can possibly move on to another. Wierd, I know!

  5. I have been wearing Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works for over 4 years now. It’s my favorite and I love it. :) My hubby got me Ralph Lauren Romance for Christmas and I like wearing that to switch things up. I recently got some Beautiful Day from Bath and Body Works (their new fragrance) and it’s actually really good! Smells great for Spring/Summer! (Believe it or not Justin Bieber Girlfriend smells amazing!)

  6. For several years I wore Tendre Poison by Christian Dior until they stopped making it. I have one small bottle that I am hoarding. :)
    My current favorite is Tommy Girl.

    1. I think it’s okay to hoard Christian Dior:) Completely different from hoarding cats, or boxes or whatever else all those people on Hoarding Alive keep:)

  7. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (read: in college) I wore Avon’s Sunny Sky. Light, floral and citrus, just what I liked … back then. Sadly, they don’t make it anymore. Good, in a way, because I’m just not into cologne. I do, however, like scented body washes and shampoos. My favorites are Orange Ginger and Eucalyptus Spearmint from Bath and Body Works’ Aromatherapy collection. I have the latter in a pillow spray, as well as their Lavender Chamomile. They are quite a bit more pricey than my budget currently allows, so I make do with Suave products. I particularly like their Rosemary and Mint shampoo and conditioner.

    I’m also a fan of candles and have been nursing one of Bath and Body Works’ Creamy Nutmeg for a couple of years now.

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