Home Improvement: Our stained glass window lighting dilemma

Remember this project?

The stained glass window project.

Kitchen Fixture 19

Well I thought when we hung these windows that they would get lots of light and be so beautiful.

Well they are still beautiful, but they are not as illuminated as I would like, especially late in the day when we are actually at home to enjoy them.

My husband and I have been round and round about ways to light them up.

And finally decided on some sort of photographer’s floor lamp.

I did some Googling, but I only found a few that I liked.

And at $349 and $164 they were a little out of my budget, especially since I didn’t have a budget for this “after thought” project.

And both lamps had a pretty large footprint, ie they needed a lot of land mass in order to work properly.

Overstock.com Adjustable Photographer’s Metal Tripod Floor Lamp, $163.99

 Then Thursday afternoon I was cyber shopping through Target’s new spring lines and spotted this gem.

Target’s Threshold™ Floor Lamp Adjustable Studio Bronze, $49.99

I mean you can’t beat that price so I literally figuratively ran (although I did walk really fast) to my local Target and picked one up.

Apparently they are popular because I got the last one…I am assuming they will restock them.

Unfortunately the photo does not do it justice. It really is a pretty lamp.

And it totally made my day.

I love chic cheap.

Have a great weekend!

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