Monday Randomness: A Chihuahua Cabana, Wall Stencil and Chicken Nachos

Well we had quite a weekend here at the Beagle house.

We got up bright and early (for a Saturday) and got to work about 9am.

Well first we had to take a trip to Chickfila for biscuits, then to the plant nursery, and then a trip to Home Depot but after that we got right to work.

Except for stopping for a lunch of turkey bacon ranch sandwiches (which I made on Friday night).

And then an afternoon Coke and candy bar break and another trip to Home Depot.

 But really, I can barely move today which is either testament to how hard we worked or how out of shape I am.

But regardless we got a lot done.

And the boys worked as hard as Joe and I did.

Joe and his older son attacked some overgrown shrubbery, raking and pruning of trees; and I with the assistance of my younger stepson attacked the front flower bed.

Saturday 1

Saturday 7

Saturday 2

They also pulled up all the plastic black edging that the builder had “installed.”

Joe is going to line all the beds with a flagstone before the summer he says.

I think it will look great.

Saturday 17

These are the biggest gardenia and camellia bushes I have ever seen. One was over 12 feet tall.

(I told Joe to act like he was working….so he did this karate chop stance which cracked me up)

And we planted SO many late-blooming bulbs as well as some new small shrubs, grasses and a cute little bush called a Bridal Wreath.

Saturday 9

I like to layer the plants by height and blooming time.
That way one part of the bed is always in bloom.

Of course like any project we work on Poppi, my fierce Chihuahua, wants to be in the center of the action.

Unfortunately, he kept getting in our way. And I was afraid I was going to accidentally rake him into a pile of leaves and we would never find him.

Well I finally got a line and tied him to the chair in the middle of the yard so he could view the action but not get stepped on.

Then I went back to work.

Well my sweet stepsons decided that Poppi needed to be more comfortable while we toiled away.

Disclaimer: this next photo is not staged.

Saturday 15I came around the corner of the house to discover they had made him a doggie cabana out of rake handles and a beach towel.

And Poppi sat just like that for over two hours.

So spoiled.

Shortly after five we all came inside and crashed.

Well they crashed and I made chicken nachos for dinner because that’s what you feed hungry boys who work hard.

Saturday 18

I was going to take a picture of this mountain of goodness but I didn’t act fast enough.

But I promise they looked good.

I just threw chicken, Rotel, chicken stock and a bunch of spices in the slow cooker at lunch time.

By five pm, I had Mexican flavored shredded chicken to layer with tortilla chips, fresh tomatoes, corn and black beans, and of course lots of cheese.

Dinner was ready in 20 minutes. :)

 I finally sat down to my own plate of nachos and checked my email. Low and behold I had an email stating that I won the Live Love Pasta giveaway for the Cutting Edge stencil that I just blogged about last week.

It made for a great day.

The weather was perfect, we worked hard, ate some fun food and then we watched the finale of King of the Nerds (a favorite in our family).

Sunday was spent at church and nursing our sinuses back to health after being outdoors all day Saturday.

I hope you had a great weekend.

Happy Monday.

Update: Want to see the finished product? Check out this post.

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