Monday Randomness: Live bunnies, pork tacos, pressure washing and pecan tassies

 Well spring has definitely sprung in the Carolinas.

And the pollen has sprung too.

My nose is running as we speak (or as I type).

Saturday 2

Saturday 4
our bradford pear tree
Saturday 9
our tulip tree

Anyway we had a weekend full of yard work, cleaning, baking and nap taking.

While Joe and the boys continued to work on the yard, my brother came over to pressure wash the house for us.

We were amazed at how great the house looked afterwards.

It was like a cheap face lift, even our neighbors commented.

And by cheap face lift I don’t mean like the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

This was a cheap face lift in the best sense.

Saturday 7

While all the boys were toiling outside, I was making pecan tassies for a friend’s wedding.

I finished up 200 of them…only 350 more to go.

Saturday 24

At lunch I whipped up these baked tacos.

They were a huge hit. I will share the recipe this week.

It’s so simple is almost embarrassing, but they were really yummy and easy.

Saturday 11

And because my brother-in-law was on call Saturday, I helped my sister take my niece for Easter pictures.

Seriously funny.

Live bunnies and a very talkative 22 month old.

Saturday 13

Saturday 18

Saturday 15

She was so good for all the pictures, but the toys in the waiting area were just too enticing.

She kept smiling, but she must have asked 30 times about playing with the toys.

Saturday 19

Saturday 20

Then on Saturday evening, my step son wanted to ask his girlfriend to prom in a fun way so when I got home from Easter pictures he and his dad had come up with this set up outside on the basement patio.

Once it was dark they lit everything up and totally surprised his girlfriend. It was sweet, and I was impressed with how well the set-up looked all lit up.

Saturday 22

And then on Sunday we rested.

We went to church and took a long nap.

Let me restate that.

First we went to church.

And then we took a nap when we got home.

We didn’t take a nap in church, in case you were worried.

Happy Monday!

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