My Feud with the DMV and Tax Office

My feud is not really a feud.

More like frustration with government offices.

I am a responsible citizen. I pay taxes, abide by laws, and vote.

I just want them to be responsible for their part of the bargain.


So I got married in November 2012.

Three weeks later, I took a day off of work, and I updated all the government offices I could think of with my new last name, address etc.

(The first time the DMV re-issued my licence they forgot to update my name, but eventually they got it right).

The DMV sent me my updated registration.

And then I moved on with my life.

January 2013 rolled around, and I was completely unaware that my car registration had expired.

And then February came.

Feb 15th to be exact.

My husband and I were minding our own business, out to lunch on a Friday afternoon on Woodruff Road in Greenville, SC.

On the way back to our office after lunch, I noticed a highway patrolman behind me.

I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed that his lights were on.

I thought, “Oh good, I hope he gets that shady looking guy in the next lane with no tag.”

And I just kept moving.

Because if you have never experienced Woodruff Road on a Friday afternoon than you really have never practiced defensive driving to the fullest extent.

Suddenly I realized that the cop was right behind me now, still with his lights on so I “pulled over” in the median because there literally was no where else to go.

He asked for my registration and DL.

I confidently gave him both because I had just received the new updated ones.

He looked at me kinda funny and said, “Ma’am, your registration is expired.”

I politely said, “No that can’t be right. The DMV just sent me that registration.”

But sure enough he was right.

Of course at that point I was confused.

And he was confused.

But not so confused that he could not write me a $300 ticket.

The ticket also required me to report to Summary Court in two weeks.

Apparently, the DMV had issued an outdated registration.

And I had never received any sort of tax bill for the new registration.

When I got home, I googled myself and the tax office and eventually found a place where I could pay taxes online since I still had not received a bill (because I DID NOT want to have to take more time off of work to go down to the county tax offices to find my bill).

I printed the tax receipt, took another half day off of work, and appeared for my court date 20 minutes early.

(Seriously, our summary court is one of the shadiest looking places)

The cop let me off without paying the $300 since I had proof I had paid for the registration.

And then I waited three more weeks for the actual registration to arrive from the DMV.

But I never received my registration.

Then after Googling a few more things I learned that even when you pay your registration taxes, you are only paying for the taxes.

You have to pay any late fees at the DMV or they won’t send you the registration.

And you cannot, under any circumstances, pay for them  in the same office.

Because consolidating the amount of people through either of those offices is just preposterous (insert sarcastic tone).

And even if it’s the county’s fault for not sending you a bill, you are responsible for the late fees at the DMV office.

$50 in late fees.

So I jumped on the DMV website to pay the late fees (because I was not going to take more time off work to go to the DMV)….and their credit card processing site was down.

So I waited two days and tried again.

It’s still down.

Anyway, I waited one more day with no luck.

So I decided to mail in a check with an explanation of what had happened.

And I wait.

If my registration ever shows up it will be miraculous.

4 thoughts on “My Feud with the DMV and Tax Office

  1. so, when i was a young girl, shortly before 9/11 (kidding), my dad went to the social security office to get the children social security cards. he basically guessed at our ages, which was sufficient for the day. i spent many years with a birthdate on my license that was a few years younger than my actual age . . .which didn’t really bother me. when i got married and we filed joint taxes, there was a hold up with the irs. kevin had put my actual birthdate on the form, causing the irs to refuse us a refund. so, kevin called the irs and they said, no, your wife has to call. so kevin called again, and used a female voice to assure the irs that my birthday was just wrong on my social security card. crisis averted. a simple phone call in 1992 and all was well. fast forward to 2001, the year after 9/11. no longer would a simple phone call suffice. in fact it took almost a year to rectify, because the social security office would not change my birthdate without an original birth certificate from michigan which they had to receive from michigan AND SEND BACK TO MICHIGAN to have the michigan office confirm they had sent it. all of this took months and months, and all the while, i did not have a driver’s license. my favorite part was when each government agency (dmv/social security office) suggested that i might be able to skirt the problem if i just lied to the other agency. and the worst thing of all, i immediately became 2 years older. like on the spot, bam. i went from 44 to 46.
    i feel your pain.

  2. I could explain why the county tax office can’t take state late fees, but that probably won’t make you any less frustrated. Hope you get your registration soon! :)

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