Big (x’s 3) Giveaway: Books and Candles Galore

The three randomly selected winners are as follows:

Shelly at Ft Worth- Young House Love book

Heidi- Knack Studios Furniture Makeovers book

Kayla- Tyler Candle

Ladies, I will be emailing you for your addresses.

Thanks for your help with this drawing.


Okay, this weekend I am giving away three of my favorites things (think Oprah but without the millions).

(Young House Love)John and Sherry’s new book.

Their book is full of great ideas for home projects.

I already completed the updated bookcase project. Genius!

Why I like John and Sherry:

They take older homes and make them look great without a huge budget.

Their DIY projects have polish. They don’t look like craft projects (which is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to DIY blogs)

They have a Chihuahua named Burger. I think that my Poppi and Burger would be friends.

I love the way they layer textures, colors and pattern with furniture and products that can be found anywhere, ie not a high dollar show room.

They work together as a couple which is characteristic of my husband and I’s relationship. We like working together and most people think we are weird :) John and Sherry prove that we aren’t. :)

And reading their blog makes me smile on a regular basis.

Barb Blair(Knack Studios) new book

(release date on Amazon April 9th).

Why I like Knack Studios:

I have written about Knack Studios many times.

I love Barb’s work ethic, positive attitude and her aesthetic.

I love that she reinvented her career.

I love that she sees beauty in “rough around the edges” things which, if you think about it, is how we really should view the world.

Try to see beauty in all broken things, including people.

I have stalked her blog for years and always come away with inspiration.

And an 11 oz candle from the Tyler Candle Company.

Why I love Tyler Candles:

For the price, in my opinion they are the best candles on the market.

Their fragrances cannot be beat. I even use their air fresheners in my car.

And don’t get me started on the laundry detergent.

Tyler, High Maintenance and Beach Blonde are a few of my favorites.

Seriously, if you have never tried their products you are missing out.

All you have to do is share the giveaway on Facebook and comment below↓↓↓↓ that you did.

Three winners will be picked by on Sunday March 24th @ 5pm.

Your email address is always kept private. No spam. I promise.  Contest complete.


32 thoughts on “Big (x’s 3) Giveaway: Books and Candles Galore

  1. Shared!

    I enjoy Young House Love blogs but am unfamiliar with the other two. Thanks for the opportunity, Rene. Have a great weekend. i just got my 6th shot this week for pollen. I feel your pain. :(

  2. Also shared! Not from the blog, though. From the FB page.

    The bookcase project looks interesting. We have a HUGE bookcase that needs repainting, giving it a clean look that goes with the freshly painted livingroom walls. However, that’s a white bookcase that is going to stay white. What I could use it on is our games case, which is like the bookcase you did, dark wood in a dark corner–even darker now that the wall it sits on has been painted a darker green. (Believe me, the changeover from pink/mauve to green has been astounding!)

  3. I shared on Facebook! I tried to post before, but I don’t think it worked. If for some reason it did, feel free to delete an entry. :)

  4. I have shared and I really hope I win because I’d love nothing more than a new Tyler candle. I only burn mine about once a month because I want it to last a super long time. And the YHL book – would love it!

  5. I’d love nothing more than to win this giveaway; especially since it includes a Tyler candle – those are my FAVORITE! I have one, but only burn it about once a month in hopes to make it last longer. :)

  6. Pick me!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED all of these things. Especially after my first bed painting project. You are an inspiration, Rene!!! Xoxo

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