This Week in a Nut Shell: Pollen

I tried to make it a profitable week.

I really tried.

I tried to finish several recipe posts.

I tried to do all the ironing.

I tried to remember to water my plants.

I tried to exercise at least 3 times.

I tried to actually do my hair everyday this week.

And resolve my car registration problem. See yesterday’s post.

But I am physically exhausted.

What I actually accomplished.

Cleaned half of the kitchen.

Sorta did some laundry.

Cooked dinner one time.

Ordered a new bathing suit for our beach trip in May.

Ordered some new art work for a hallway project I am working on.

Watched a lot of TV.

Worked 4o hours.

Helped write and order a friend’s wedding program.

Continued my pecan tassie making. 300 more to go.

And washed my duvet cover.


I blame the pollen for my exhaustion.

And my nose bleeds.

And my sinus pressure.

And my watery eyes.

Pollen is “of the debil.” Name that movie.

And to celebrate my week of unfinished projects, new bathing suit and wrinkled clothes still hanging in closets, my sister Nancee Lee and I are going window shopping tonight.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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