Monday Randomness: Potato Soup, Carnitas Pizza, Downton Abbey and Allergies

This post is brought to you by allergies. (said in my best PBS voice, blame Downton Abbey)

Folks, I cannot tell you the last time I have struggled so much with seasonal allergies.

I am ready to throw in the towel.

Or at least take a couple sick days.

Saturday was not too bad. I made a quick carnitas pizza for lunch and then a make-a-head potato soup for Sunday.

The pizza was declared “awesome” by all(even the picky eater) so I will post the simple recipe this week.

I worked on a tiny house project, made 100 more pecan tassies and then promptly laid down at 6pm Saturday.

I woke up Sunday morning and declared that someone must have stepped on my face during the night because that’s what it felt like.

I laid around for most of the day and watched approximately 8.678 hours of Downton Abbey on Hulu which is funny.

Only because my sister and sister-in-law were giving me a hard time about not watching Downton Abbey.

I kept telling them I didn’t have time, but that the next time I got deathly ill I would catch up on all the episodes.

Nancee Lee and Holly be relived; I am finally caught up with all the goings on in Downton, last night I even dreamed I lived there.

I have great hope that this week will be better.

Or at least bearable.

I told my husband no matter what, I was doing lots of household tasks this week because I feel so behind.

Wish me luck.

Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Monday Randomness: Potato Soup, Carnitas Pizza, Downton Abbey and Allergies

      1. Hope you feel better or get some rest! Yep..we have watched Downton Abbey, but only Season 3, need to catch up on the first two seasons..!

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