Home Improvement: A $3 Light Fixture and a Happy Hall

I decided to do a little face lift in the hall that leads to the master bedroom and garage in our home after my allergy medicine kicked in on Saturday afternoon.

The hall still needs to be painted with the adjacent living room and dining room, but we have not gotten to that yet…we are taking baby steps.


Originally the hall had a old sisal rug, the original builder’s shiny brass fixture and a couple odds and ends I had hung when I first moved in.

Saturday 1

Since then I had not touched it because there were so many other projects going on.


To start, I purchased a very large magnetic board from Marshalls for $59.99 because I wanted something to hang art work on. But I also wanted it to be versatile.

Next I gathered some frames, a wooden box and a wreath I already owned which accomplished two things.

It got rid of some clutter on end tables and gave me “free” accessories to hang.:)

I also grabbed a piece of graphic art made by Vintage Posters ($17) with a phrase on it that my husband says constantly and always makes me smile.

I also grabbed a birthday calendar made by A Darling Day that I purchased at the Indie Craft Parade a few years ago.

And a freshly painted light fixture I picked up for $3 at Goodwill. You can read about it in this post. 

Saturday 6The old light came down and new light went right up. We only had to buy two screws for the conversion.

Saturday 7

Because the new fixture was so much smaller than the old light, there was a dark ring of 15 year old dust/dirt exposed on the ceiling where the old light used to be.

Thankfully, a Magic Eraser took care of it and the ceiling looks as good as new.

Saturday 11

Tada! I was going to paint the brass screws black but I ended up liking the way they look.

Yay for chic cheap!

Saturday 22

Saturday 25

A collection of frames I had from all over the house and a old box.

Saturday 24

Who says you can’t put a hanger on the back of an old box and hang it on the wall.

Saturday 31

This photo collage just makes me smile.

Saturday 30

I threw a wreath on the door and a $15 clearance runner from TJMaxx.

I am not in love with the rug but it sure makes the hall look happy. And at $15 I can afford to replace it when I find something else that I like better.

And last but not least I hung the HUGE magnetic board on the other wall (for some reason I never took a full picture of it).

Saturday 34

I can’t wait to collect things to put on this board.

It’s definitely not going to be a board for bills and schedules.

Just for things we love.

And we don’t love bills or busy schedules.


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