Easter Weekend Thankfulness

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The title of the post is funny only because three times in the last week I have accidentally referred to Easter as Thanksgiving for some reason.

My absent mindedness reminded me that Easter is a time to be thankful.

Over and over in the last few months we have just been AMAZED at what the Lord has blessed us with.

Far and above what we ever expected.


Wednesday morning on our way to work, my husband asked me why I thought Good Friday was called good even though it was the day that Christ died?

I speculated it was probably because Christ’s death on Friday gives Hope for mankind.

Hope that He would rise from the grave and defeat death.

Joe then said that if Good Friday was called good because it gave hope then Easter Sunday should have been called Incredibly Amazing Sunday as Christ rose from the dead.


This weekend as you wear your new spring clothes, hide your eggs, eat ham and mashed potatoes, take time to reflect on the awesome significance of this holiday.

We wish you and yours a Good Friday and an Incredibly Amazing Sunday.

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Jones Design Company

2 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Thankfulness

  1. Good Friday is called ‘good’ in reference to it being a holy day. As Fridau is more holy (so to speak) than Holy (or Maundy) Thursday it gets refered to as Good Friday.

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