Monday Randomness: Stencils, Yard work, Thrifting and Freedom

We had an action packed weekend.

The kids were out of town so we took full advantage of our first “free” weekend since we got married 6 months ago.

I need another weekend just to sleep to make up for this weekend’s lack of sleep.

We helped with a friend’s wedding on Friday afternoon through to 11pm Friday night.

We fell into bed after a quick midnight snack of veggie flat-bread.

Joe said, “That is not flat bread. That is a pizza.”

I said,” If I said I am making a pizza at midnight it sounds like we are pigs. If I make a veggie flat-bread it totally sounds healthy and snack-like.”

So we enjoyed our flat bread, and went to bed.

Saturday morning we got up and made the rounds of errands which included running into a consignment store to look for a leather sofa.

Instead of finding a sofa we found a chair for my sister for $75.

]It goes perfectly with her colorful apartment. She said she will probably have it reupholstered in the near future.


She was happy we got it for her.

She is an accountant.

She is doing people’s taxes morning, noon and night right now.

She deserves a “new” chair.

Anyway, after all our errands we came home and attacked the stencil project.

Ten minutes in Joe said, “This is ridiculous. We need a bigger ladder.”

So he ran to the home improvement store that prefers orange and bought a ten foot ladder which he stuffed in his Subaru and brought home.

We got a pretty good start on the stencil project before we needed to leave to go meet my other sister and brother-in-law for sushi and then a little fishing.

My niece came along.

She is 23 months old.

She ate basil rolls and calamari with her dinner.

I have never been so proud.

After a few hours of fishing at the pond and toddler/Chihuahua wrangling, we headed home.

But on the way home we stopped at my sister’s apartment to drop off her new chair.

Once we got home at 11pm we went straight to bed.

We aren’t cut out for all this activity.

Sunday morning we got up early and went to the 9am service at church.

Then we went to breakfast at IHOP.

In the entirety of our relationship, I can count the number of times we have gone out to breakfast on one hand.

It was a momentous  occasion.

Then we spent the afternoon working on a few projects and just enjoying the afternoon in solitude and quietness.

He worked on some yard work, and I finished the stencil project (the project reveal is coming soon!).

Then to celebrate a weekend of togetherness (and freedom) we fixed ourselves a steak dinner.

Then we fell into a food coma and died.


In case you thought that was the end of my story:

We woke up an hour later, had dessert and watched the season premiere of River Monsters.

Oh and just to throw another activity into the mix, we picked up a mid-century tv cabinet that we are going to refinish. I am thinking along these lines. Stain and paint like this post.

Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Monday Randomness: Stencils, Yard work, Thrifting and Freedom

  1. Wow! I’m glad you finally got your free time :) 6 months is quite a long time.

    Cute chair! I wish I had one.. Looks pretty comfortable ;)

  2. I love the pizza vs. flat bread! So funny. Also, good find with the orange chair! I’ve gotten 2 cute little chairs in the recent past – one I got recovered in a funky fabric and the other I left the way it was, for now..
    They’re both upstairs in my “condo” :)

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