Retail Therapy for Friday: What I Bought This Week

HUE The Original Jeans Capri Leggings $38
HUE The Original Jeans Capri Leggings $38

I had a lapse in judgement on Monday night and purchased these “jean” capri leggings.

5’2″ women should never wear capris anyway because they make you look even shorter and more squatty, but these took the cake.

I was going to take a photo to prove how bad they looked but decided not to subject myself to humiliation.Yikes.

I already returned them to the store.

Lemon Lavender Scent-Plug® Refill Single

 I have discussed it here before but it continues to be true. I am addicted to making my house smell good.

I picked up a couple of these Yankee Candle refills on Wednesday.

The lemon and lavender is the perfect combination of sweet, clean and fresh. Love the scent!

Women’s Active by Old Navy Mesh-Bubble Tanks $16.94

Working out is just not my thing.

I try to work out on a semi regular basis. More semi than actually regular. But I do try.

And I don’t mind going to a gym but right now I would have to go by myself because my husband does not like gyms and my sisters live 20-45 minutes away from me.

Anyway, nothing makes me want to workout less than having tight workout clothes. If I feel fat in my workout clothes it does not motivate me.

It makes me want to curl up in a ball and eat a gallon of ice cream which is really counterproductive to the workout. :)

All that to say, I purchased these active bubble tops from Old Navy this week, and I LOVE them.

The tops hang perfectly over a sports bra, and they aren’t clingy at all!

What I really should have purchased is a motivational T-shirt that says:


We are going to the beach next month.

So last but not least I bought a swimsuit this week.

Don’t judge where I got it from.

I just wanted a new cheap suit and came through for me with their 97¢ shipping.

Catalina Women's Ruffled Tankini Swim Top $16
Catalina Women’s Ruffled Tankini Swim Top $15.96

And don’t worry. I bought the bottom to the swimsuit too. I just can’t find a picture of it.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “Retail Therapy for Friday: What I Bought This Week

    1. Ugh I know. I am short enough that usually capris are more like cropped pants on me….these did not look like cropped pants ! :)

  1. Your new bathing suit looks super cute! As a fellow short person (5’3ish), I sympathize with you on the capris. I have a pair that I LOVE though, that I don’t think make me look too short. I found out that they are actually considered “walk shorts” because of the length, whatever that means!

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