Home Improvement: Stenciling the Great Wall, Before and After

First of all I need to thank Live Love Pasta for the stencil I used for this project. I won their Cutting Edge Stencil giveaway a few weeks ago which was just the kick in the capris I mean pants I needed to get this project started.

If you want to read about our steps to de-papering the wall go here and here.

The stenciling process was incredibly easy with the help of the instructional videos online, but there were three basic steps that really helped us the most in getting our Great Wall finished.

  • Type of design: Because we used an irregular design matching up the pattern was very easy (and didn’t have to be perfect).  We used the Birch Forest stencil. If we had used a geometric pattern or similar I would have been pulling my hair out. Painting perfection is not one of my strong points.
  • Type of paint: A semi-gloss paint was used as the stencil paint over a base coat of flat paint. The base coat flat paint quickly absorbed the semi-gloss stencil paint making the process go very quickly. We used Sherwin Williams HGTV paint, and we loved it! 
  • Paint color selection: We choose to use two tone application. Because there was not a lot of contrast between the two colors, we were able to hide my “oops” very easily.

Stenciling 1

Our hope with this project was that it would hide all the sheetrock imperfections on this one troublesome wall in our living room (see this post for details).

Verdict: It totally worked like we hoped, like totally.

And so far the response to our paint job is some version of “Whoa, that wall looks cool.”

We still need to have the remaining walls painted but we are saving up for the professional painters.

I don’t trust my painting skills on 15ft tall walls.

 Before :






Stenciling 2

Stenciling 7

Stenciling 6

Stenciling 3

Stenciling 12

I cannot tell you how differently this house feels now than it did when we first started this overhaul…our next painting project is to attack the kitchen cabinets.


What do you think??

24 thoughts on “Home Improvement: Stenciling the Great Wall, Before and After

  1. Hi there! I saw your makeover and decided I HAD to check out your blog. Then I saw you were from Greenville, SC! My aunt lives in Greenville and I think it’s one of the most beautiful cities. Anyhooooo…I love your house and you are very talented. Also, I want to steal that living room chair. Swoon.

    1. The chair was a salvation army find a few years ago. It was covered in vinyl “leather.” I had it reupholstered because the torn “leather” could not stay. Thanks for stopping by. We love greenville too :)

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