Baby Gift Ideas: $15 Personalized Wall Art

If you know me personally, you know I LOVE to give gifts.

I spend more on gifts than probably anything else in my budget.

Except groceries and gas.

And mortgage.

But anyway, I give a lot of gifts.

Now that I am married and I share a budget with some one else, I am trying to be more careful on how much I spend.

So I have been working on more inexpensive gift ideas.

Hence this gift idea was born.

My niece Bailee turned 2 this month.

We had a fun party on Saturday.

My sister did a great job.

She had mentioned that Bailee needed big girl sheets for her big girl bed.

So I picked up a pair of cute sheets that go with her new big girl room.

But sheets for a 2 year old just sounded a little too boring.

And Bailee already knows her colors, shapes and numbers, but she has not started working on her letters.

So I came up with this wall art gift idea with her full name.


The website On to Baby has great ideas for everything baby, but what I love the most about their website is their free templates for art, shower invites, and all things baby.

On To Baby Free Printables
Target 8×10 frames, price range $2.99 to $24.99

Using their template I simply created three documents with her first, middle and last names, saved them to my computer, and then uploaded them to the Office Max IMPRESS print shop to be printed.

Then I picked up a couple inexpensive frames from Target and voila!

A  $15 personalized gift.

Tip: Ask Office Max to use high quality photo paper or card stock. The colors will be much more vibrant and pretty.


If you are using these prints for your own nursery try skipping the frames; use some twine from the dollar store to make a banner to hang over the crib.

Or tack them to a cork board that can display other fun stuff later, like the baby announcement etc.

Head on over to On To Baby to check out all their free templates and then let me know how you like them!


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