Monday Randomness: New Door Hardware, Organizing, and Call the Midwife

Happy Monday to all.

If you missed it this weekend, you need to check out our TV cabinet makeover.

On Friday, the man in brown also delivered our new Kwikset door hardware. Can’t wait to show you the reveal of our “new” freshly painted front door.

Kwikset 800HE-LIP-S Hawthorne Single Cylinder Sectional Handleset

Then once the excitement over new door hardware died down (I am a home improvement dork now), I did a lot of organizing and cleaning out: closets, cabinets, bathrooms etc.

I am generally trying to simplify life by purging unnecessary things.

Although my kind of simplified life still involves 50 pairs of shoes.

I make a horrible minimalist.

Don’t make me get rid of shoes.

In all seriousness, I did take some loads to Goodwill and I put away all the winter clothes.


Are you bored with this post too?

Anyway, we went to my niece’s dedication on Sunday morning.

It was sweet. And much to my sister’s relief Bailee did not poop or throw up on the pastor. Long story.

But I mean would you want your baby to poop in front of 1000 people?

Moving on.

Then Sunday afternoon I took a long nap after lunch because I had run out of Call the Midwife episodes to watch on Netflix.

Have you seen that show? It is so good. I sobbed and laughed through episode #6.

Then we had a bounty of Taco Bell for dinner because I was too lazy to cook.

And to top it all off I am pretty sure my dog didn’t go potty outside all weekend because we had nonstop rain. He refuses to go in the rain.

rice tv 003

I am glad I am not a dog because I would not want to go in the rain either:)


I hope you have a great week!

 It is going to be busy for me at work. We have our big QA audit from our accreditation company next week so I have backlog to work through before then.

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