Retail Therapy for Friday: My Thrifty Finds This Week and Tips for Buying Clothes Online

I have been on the hunt for two things for the last three months.

Brown leather wedge sandals that I actually liked, were high quality and comfortable.

And a Dooney and Bourke cross body bag for all our trips this summer.

Well I hit the ebay motherload this week.

I finally scored great deals on both items in one day.

shoes purse

I already received both items in the mail this week.

The shoes were a store display and came in the original box.

They are so comfortable! Feels like I am walking on clouds (like a Philadelphia cream cheese commercial but I decided to skip wearing wings).

And the bag had a little wear, but I don’t mind at all.

Like all Dooney and Bourke bags, it’s super high quality and will be the perfect size to take on all our trips.

While I could have looked in thrift stores and consignments shops for these items I honestly don’t have the time like I used too.

So buying online is now my go-to way to purchase clothing, shoes and accessories.

And it pays to be patient.

Total Savings: $228

Tip#1: When shopping online, buy brands you know. 

Once you know your size in the certain brand it takes away the uncertainty of knowing whether the clothing will fit or not. Because buying a “no returns” item at a great deal may seem like a great idea but if it does not fit it does not fit and that means it was just money down the drain.

Tip#2: Read Customer Reviews

Old Navy is great example of this. Old Navy customers are great about leaving helpful tips about clothing items. ie “buy a size up.” I have taken advice from reviewers and been very pleased with the results. And remember, more unhappy customers leave a review about a product than happy customers do.

If you want some tips for selling on ebay to go this post.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


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