Monday Randomness: Graduation Party, Rainy Baptism, and Chocolate Cake Bribe

Like most weekends this one was eventful.

We didn’t get much DIY completed.

Joe finished painting the front door.

I did a little touch up painting myself.

Then I spent Saturday evening helping my sisters and sister in law throw a nursing graduation party for a special lady.

Sunday we attended our church’s baptism service.

It was unlike any baptism service I have ever been too.

There were about thirty people to be baptized, and each person was baptized by their spiritual mentor.

And the whole service was held under a huge tent during our southern monsoon here in SC.

We have had so much rain. And it has just continued to fall.

But anyway cold rain or not, following Christ’s example 30 Christians, young and old, were dunked under the water and the symbolically raised to new life.

It was an incredibly moving 90 minutes.

Source: Stollen from someone’s facebook page :)

I was going to insert some joke about skipping the baptism, converting to Presbyterian and just running around in the rain but I will spare you.:)

Then we came home to a nap-inducing lunch of roast pork, broccoli with cheese, and mashed potatoes.

After an encouraging life group on Sunday night, we had some Subway for dinner.

And as I type this on Sunday night, I have a chocolate cake in the oven.

Why a chocolate cake?

chocolate cake 7

Because we have a QA audit this week at work and I am not above bribing an auditor with good cake.

Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Monday Randomness: Graduation Party, Rainy Baptism, and Chocolate Cake Bribe

  1. I randomly followed your comments over from the PW – WE had baptism at my church yesterday, and another friend (also in Oklahoma City) had baptism at her church, too! Those services are among my very favorites – I tear up each time!
    Going to go explore your blog now :-D

  2. So I did a speed-read of your post title and thought “why would a bride be characterized as a ‘chocolate cake bride’?” “A bride can have chocolate cake if she wants to . . . hmmmm, I don’t get it.” thus I mused all the way through the blog, only to find out you are BRIBING with chocolate cake. Which is a marvelous idea, and which I totally support.
    Hope it worked!!!

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