If you missed it…and a Graduation Party

If you missed it, I was featured on two blogs recently.

On Monday, Better After featured our Great Wall and Flooring Project. Go here to see the post.

And I wrote a guest blog post for The Not Wedding last week. Go here to see that post.

Okay, on to the funner stuff.

I mentioned in my Monday Randomness post that my sisters and sister-in-law threw a  casual graduation party on Saturday for a special lady that just received her nursing degree and already passed all her boards.

And well I wanted to share a couple pics from the celebration.



final 3


final 5

This party was definitely a group effort.


We had a BBQ feast for about 50 people.

Nancee Lee and Holly orchestrated the invitations, catered food and drinks from Mutts BBQ.

Annie made the cupcakes and used ready-made nursing-themed fondant toppers from Etsy shop, ThreeMonkeysCakery.

 I just gathered a few things to make the table “decorations.”

And my mom hosted the party (aka cleaned her house).


Congrats, Julie! We love you.

If you want some tips on hosting parties and showers, I have a bunch of helpful party info in this post.

One thought on “If you missed it…and a Graduation Party

  1. The table looks beautiful! Again, love the jars!!! Thanks for all the great ideas.

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