In other summer news…


Okay so it’s not quite summer yet but in the next seven weeks we have a lot going on (but honestly who doesn’t have a lot going on?).

5 day beach vacation to Fripp Island

1 family wedding with out of town family staying in our home

 4 decorating projects for clients

12 days in Alaska on a construction missions trip

8 days to Michigan to visit my husband’s family

plus both our regular 40 hours-a-week jobs and normal life stuff.

So if I seem a  little absent on the blog in the next few weeks, you know why.

But I promise to document it all and have lots of interesting posts once we get through June.

And I have to be honest.

At first I was feeling guilty about not posting regularly but then I remember, “Oh yes, this is my hobby, not my job.”

Although if you want to share my blog with others, enough so that I can make it my full time career I would be all for that:)

PS. I will be posting our simple front door makeover soon:)

Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “In other summer news…

  1. I LOVE Fripp Island! We have gone there for years. We spent a week there last year that started on Labor Day weekend. It was awesome when all the visitors left the island! Have a great time. They showed Fripp on American Idol this week and I was ready to head back there right that moment!

    1. We have been going there for years too. My parents have a house on Fripp that they own with some friends. We LOVE it there. :)

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