Monday Randomness: Two New Recipes

Well happy belated Father’s Day.

Although I am sure there aren’t many fathers that read my blog.

I did a lot of cooking this weekend.

All for family but still, it kept me busy.

A family member had a baby last week so I took a meal to them.

And then I also made most of the meal on Sunday to celebrate the holiday with my siblings, parents and grandparents.

Meatballs were on the menu.

Not because my dad likes them.

But because my Grandpa Deuink loves them.

Apparently Dad’s wishes got trumped this year in place of Grandpa’s.


When my grandparents were first dating, my grandpa went to my great grandparent’s house for dinner.

In preparation for dinner, my Great-Grandma Pauline Hinrichs asked if he had any requests for dinner since he was the “guest of honor.”

He said he really liked spaghetti.

So they had spaghetti.

And that’s it.

Lots of dry pasta.

See, my great-grandma thought that he must not like sauce since just mentioned the pasta.


And he thought it was incredibly strange that the only ate dry pasta with no sauce.


So in honor of him this weekend I made spaghetti with lots of special sauce. :)

My husband and I were watching “The Best Thing I Ever Made” on Food Network the other night and saw this recipe for meatballs by Ted Allen.

My husband said, “You must make this for me.” Because honestly it looked amazing.

It is not a traditional recipe for tomato sauce but more like a thin Italian gravy, perfect for summer time eating.

The resulting meatballs and sauce were great.

I also needed a dessert.

My family loves the hummingbird cake I make but it’s super sweet and heavy.

Makes me sweat just thinking about it.

So I opted for a low fat/low sugar option by Iowa Girl Eats, Carrot Cake Bars

They are incredibly moist, delicious and include a little less calorie guilt.

I hope you had a great weekend.

Happy Monday.

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