Our Trip to Juneau Alaska

First of all, I am not a big traveler.

Meaning the thought of traveling in a plane with strangers for hours on end makes me want to curl-up in a fetal position.

So just going on this construction mission’s trip to help build a new church was a stretch for me.

Then we found out that we would actually be staying with strangers was yet another reason to curl-up in the above referenced position.

But we survived.

And made it all work.

My sister-in-law Holly and I assisted the team leader’s wife with a lot of meal preps for all the guys on the team.

And drove team members back and forth between job sites and meals.

Juneau only has 40 miles of paved road, but we put 700 miles on our rental car in ten days:)

Unfortunately the 20 guys on the team did not have the materials they needed for a lot of the work until the last two days of the trip.

But  we made the best of it and found other projects to do around the pastor’s home; and my husband, my brother and the another team member built a much needed shed for church member who was not physically able to build it by himself.

And it reminded us all that churches are made up of people.

And people are more important than buildings.


Overall, we had a great time.

I can’t remember the last time I have laughed so much.

The scenery and wildlife are amazing.

The bald eagles in Juneau are like pigeons in New York City. They are everywhere!

And the snow covered mountains, beaches and glaciers are breathtaking.


Even though these sorts of trips are always a stretch personally, I am glad I went.

It’s amazing how your true self comes out in the worst ways when you lack sleep and are working in stressful situations.

But I feel like a grew a little and definitely made some new friends.

Juneau 1

Juneau 24
Biking to the glacier (please appreciate this photo. I almost wrecked my bike while trying to take it)
glacier waterfall
Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls
Mendenhall Lake
My husband and my two brothers shopping in Downtown Juneau
Juneau 106
The boys did a lot of fly fishing at Auke Lake
Juneau 89
The start of a shed with help from Tater the 200 lb St Bernard.
Juneau 129
Building the church

Juneau 28

Juneau 18
Helping the pastor get the new motor on the boat
Juneau 42
Gold diggers in the making

Juneau 51

Juneau 56
Me and my husband

Juneau 65

Juneau 53

Juneau 78
Me and my sister-in-law Holly doing a little panning for gold
Juneau 72
But I spent most of my time admiring my “new” $14 ebay boots.

Juneau 47

Juneau 32
Another glacier pic

Juneau 27
Eagle Beach where the team caught 75 crabs (and they were tasty!).


Juneau 44
On our way back to home sweet home

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