Monday Randomness: A Holiday Weekend in Review

Well we have had a whirlwind of activity since we got home from Alaska last Sunday at 3:00am.

We were glad for just a 4 day work week because we really needed to catch up on our sleep (and four hour time change).

Of course Thursday we participated in some 4th of July festivities.

I made my Lemon-Lime sugar cookies and some sour cream deviled eggs with bacon to add to the Independence potluck at my parents’ house.


Poppi, the fierce watch dog, kept an eye out for any firework shenanigans while I cooked.


I also finished a slip-cover project for a desk chair that I had been trying to complete for weeks.


The project will actually be featured on Goodwill’s The Good Life blog in a few weeks.. stay tuned.

Then Thursday afternoon I also whipped up a batch of Spicy Pork Carnitas to help feed teenage boys(plus a few extras) over the weekend.

I used the carnitas with my baked taco recipe.

Saturday 11

I love make ahead meals.

One pork roast will cover 3-4 meals, making each serving of  homemade carnitas only 25¢ each.

I put the two meals worth of carnitas in the freezer for a quick weeknight dinner.

I also put together some quick homemade mango and cherry popsicles with my new frozen treat maker.

Love this product!

I used a combination of Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and fruit juice. YUM.

Norpro Ice Pop Maker $18.99

Then on Saturday afternoon I also made a batch of Ham and Swiss Twisted Sandwiches from the blog Foodie with Family.

ham twists

 I served them for lunch on Sunday after church. They were a huge hit. (and super easy and cheap with deli ham and frozen bread dough)

Then we geared up for another 4 day work week because on Thursday we head out on a road trip to Michigan for 10 days to visit my husband’s family.

Once we get back we are going to tackle one of our bathroom projects…I can’t wait!

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