Retail Therapy: Anthropologie Candle Sconces And a Craigslist Find

Hello from the road (from somewhere in Ohio, I think).

Just a quick post today on my latest deals.

I have had my eye on these sconces from Anthropologie for some time.

I first spotted them in the store and then have been stalking them online ever since.

They are actually old clay roof tiles turned sconces. Super cute and unique.


I wanted to purchase two of them (for our manly basement overhaul I will be working on later this summer), but was unwilling to part with $60 in-order to have a pair of my own.

Randomly last week I received an email from Anthro with an additional 20% off coupon for sales items.

I quickly went to the site just hoping that my sconces were finally on sale.

They were and I scored them at 60% off!

Tapered Sconce

And it pays to be patient (or so I am learning:).

Speaking of being patient, I have been on the lookout for a leather sofa for sometime.

Like 9 months.

I needed another sofa for my man cave basement overhaul, and my husband had requested a leather sofa.

Well in the midst of packing for another 9 day trip I spotted this gem on Craigslist.

I always pick the worst times to buy furniture (hence the wedding reception set-up Vintage TV Stand)

Anyway wham bam, my brother was kind enough to pick it up for us and days later it is now residing in our house.


Can’t wait to see this basement overhaul complete!

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