An Oldie but a Goodie- Hand Towel Gift Wrap

We are still on the road this week, but I thought I would re-post this simple gift wrapping project I used for the hostess gifts for my wedding showers.

Originally posted here.

Here is the breakdown for each person’s gift:

$13 – Personalized stationery from Naomi Lynn (I highly recommend her).

$6 – Jane Packer’s Guide to Flower Arranging (This book retails for $30 but I found it on sale)

$1.97 – Hammam Stripe Hand Towel from West Elm (These towels sell for $10 online but I found them on sale at the outlet)

As a gift Naomi sent me an extra set of cards for myself. How sweet:)
Towel “Gift Wrap”

Tada! Now I just need to create a cute tag for each gift.
A tip: To make the overall gift package look great, make all the gift components have something in common.
For this gift, I made sure that all the colors were in the same family and intensity.

Gift Wrapping

Have you ever used any usual products to wrap a gift?

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