Monday Randomness: Random is the best way to describe it.

Well I got a notion to have a little party at my house in 1 week to celebrate the (almost) end of summer.

Just girls. Mostly family.

It’s just the kick in the pants we need to get a few small projects done just in time to have everyone over.

Oh things like painting the basement and a bathroom.

Framing and hanging a bunch of art.

Installing two new light fixtures.

Planting a few more perennials in the front yard.

Cleaning out the gutters.

Speaking of gutters.

Check out this lovely flower that was growing in them.

gutter flower

Anyway, Saturday my sisters/sister-in-law and I made a trip to Ikea in Charlotte to pick up a few fun things…and we were well overdue for some sister/sister-in-law time anyway.

So we spent the day shopping and eating: things that we do best.

We are overachievers that those areas :)

Well except for my sister-in-law who helps keep premature babies alive.

My little sister who does taxes like a boss.

And my other sister who has raised a child prodigy…I mean my niece can say the alphabet, and knows her numbers in French and English. Can your 2 year old do that?

Okay maybe shopping and eating are only the things I do best…

But we had a great time and even got to meet up with our Aunt Julie who lives in Charlotte:)

ikea 1

ikea 2

ikea full car

When I got home I realized that left me with 8 days to finish all said projects (see list above).

Am I crazy?

My husband would say, “Yes, but you are the nice kind of crazy.”

So I put my crazy self to work.

And the kids even got involved in the painting.

Thank goodness for tall stepsons.


On Sunday morning we attended church.

But before church I prepared my own version of this recipe from Can You Stay for Dinner.

It was hot and ready (not be be confused with Little Cesar’s pizza) in the slow cooker when we got home from the service.

One word describes it: YUM.

I served it with some simple veggies and fruit to make up for the fat laden entree.

Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Blue Cheese- Can You Stay for Dinner

Then in the afternoon I made a game plan for getting all my projects done this week and how to finish accessorizing the basement.

Before and after post to come. I can’t wait to share the basement transformation.

Wish us luck and Happy Monday.

PS: Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law :)

8 thoughts on “Monday Randomness: Random is the best way to describe it.

  1. Love love the shot of the car…….who can go there and not come back with lots of good deals!!! So glad for you!!!

  2. Hi Rene’, just stopping by from Mary Beth’s link up. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! And oh my, your chicken macaroni and blue cheese looks incredible! My mouth is actually watering!

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