Monday Randomness: Tile, Toddler, and Treats

I can’t believe it’s Monday, and I sure can’t believe it’s August.

Not that I am complaining…come on Fall.

But we had a busy weekend once again.

My 2 yr old niece stayed with us this weekend while her parents’ celebrated their anniversary. My teenage stepsons were a hoot with her. She kept us busy, but it was fun.

twists 022

twists 009

twists 012

I finally finished all the buying for a decorating project for a client of mine. I still need the schedule the install date but at least I have all the accessories and furniture purchased. Wanna hire me? Just contact my at my email address

Currently, I am shedding orange-tinged body dandruff because of sunburn on our trip to MI. Why is it orange tinged? Because I had the bright idea of rubbing sunless tanner on my body in hopes of retaining some of my sun-kissed skin. But instead I just look like a freak show with orange dandruff.

Update on the basement: We still need to put some final touches on the basement overhaul; but thankfully, it’s almost done. Before/after pictures coming.

Sunday, we attended church and then our life group in the evening. I took some of the new buffalo chicken dip that Publix is stocking because let’s face it. I didn’t have time to make anything.

I also concocted a strawberry lemonade cake on Saturday evening because….

 I am having female family over to my house tonight for some summer treats and girl time. I hope I am ready for them by seven tonight because when I left for work this morning at 8 I was not. Maybe a party fairy will come visit the house while I am at work…doubtful, because I don’t believe in the tooth fairy either.

And our bathroom renovation project is moving right along except for the fact that we changed our mind on the color of the tile. So I had to return it all and get a lighter color. Hopefully tiling will be in full swing in the next two weeks….I am not a slave driver I promise.

But I may be slightly crazy, but just the nice kind of crazy.

Happy Monday.

PS. If you have not tried this recipe for my  Brown Rice Broccoli Chicken Cheese Bake yet you should. It’s gone viral on Pinterest and is getting great reviews.

brown rice broccoli 15

brown rice broccoli 18

brown rice broccoli 20

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