Home Improvement: The Chic Cheap Basement Overhaul Part 1 and Medieval Times

First of all, my goal with this overhaul of the basement was not to win any decorating awards.

It was to create an inviting place for the guys (aka stepsons) to watch TV…because if they watch TV with us upstairs they sometimes complain that Joe and I kiss and cuddle too much for their liking:)

And also because I could watch 48 Hours about 24 hours a day. The kids can only take so many murder shows I guess. :)

We also needed a place for them to host their friends when they come over.

And I like do my exercise videos down there (who am I kidding, I have only done exercise videos down there like four times).

It really did have a castle dungeon-like ambiance going on down there…which is great at Medieval Times.

We just like to differentiate between our home and theme restaurants.

Speaking of Medieval Times my family took a trip to Fl when I was 10.

This is us on our way to the land of Disney, Sea World and Medieval Times.

We took along our German “nanny” to help corral us and our excitement.

Kudos to my mother for scrap-booking the entire vacation.

And what’s even more impressive is that she got my dad to hold the sign for this picture.

disney vacation
Family Vacation Circa 1994

Moving on.

Okay so this is not the finished product but I thought I would give you a sneak peak at what we started with.

First of all I think I should describe our basement.

It is HUGE.

But it’s broken up into odd sized rooms that are hard to make functional.

There is a gigantic sized bedroom and very large walk in closet. The room is so large that it can comfortably house two king sized beds plus all the other needed bedroom furniture.

Then there is a nice sized tiled bathroom with stand up shower.

And a moderate sized oblong tiled “family room” area with french doors (that we don’t really use).

And then there is another very LARGE oblong unfinished room that we use for storage and tools.

Here are the before pictures of the “family room” area that we(I) decided to tackle.

Note the yucky yucky creamy yellow white walls.

No matter how much I cleaned it always looked dingy down there.

It was not an inviting place to spend time.

Basement Before 1

Before 3

Basement Before 2

As you can see, we have our work cut out for us.

So far we have painted, hung some art and replaced some of the furniture and light fixtures.

Final reveal will post next week.

What room in your house would you love to tackle on a cheap chic budget?

Thanks for reading and Happy Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Home Improvement: The Chic Cheap Basement Overhaul Part 1 and Medieval Times

  1. Wow Rene, you are so lucky having all that space, Basements don’t really exist in the same way in the UK as they do in the States, people would kill for this much space in a house in the UK!. Looks good what you are doing, I guess you could set it up as a full little ‘flat’ for your Stepsons or visitors so they have all their own bedroom and living space and you have more privacy. Look forward to receiving the ‘after’ photos. God bless Helen UK

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