Monday Randomness: Food, Sleep and Accessories

Well this weekend started out with a bang.

On Friday evening, we celebrated my brother-in-law Jordan M. (not to be confused with my other brother-in-law Jordan C.) passing his CPA exam and graduating from grad school, with flying colors I might add. He is a smarty pants, and we are proud of him.


cake 2
I was waiting for this tasting to occurring…I could just see it coming :)
Bailee loved Miss Julie’s cake :)

After the grad party, Joe and I dropped off lunch fixings for some volunteers that were helping my good friend Bethany move on Saturday morning. I told her I couldn’t help her move, but I sure can feed the people helping her move.

Saturday morning, we slept in. Gloriously slept in.

When I finally awoke from my stupor, I started getting ready for an accessories install for a client of mine at 2pm. If you have never paid someone to do this, just think about moving and setting up house and then hanging all the curtains and pictures all in an afternoon, exhausting. Yes, I had my work cut out for me. Thankfully, this was a smallish install so it went pretty quickly.


When I got home, I made dinner for all the men in our house because we were having my stepson’s belated-birthday dinner.

Marinated pork chops on the grill, potatoes, salad, yummy yeast rosemary rolls that he loves and a cookie cake from The Chocolate Shoppe.

happy birthday tucker

Then I soaked my aching feet.

feet bath

And then I fell into bed never to be heard from again.

Until I woke up on Sunday morning to go to church.

Then we spent the rest of Sunday as a true day of rest because let’s face it: we all need a day of rest.

What’s going on this week?

Hopefully lots of cooking and working on our bathroom face lift, oh plus all the normal stuff like working 40 hours and stuff like that.

Oh and it’s my husband’s birthday this week. He wants to celebrate at Ruth’s Chris for dinner so I guess I am off cooking duty on Thurday:)

Thanks for reading.

Happy Monday.

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