Monday Randomness: Steak, A Birthday, An Anniversary and Chocolate Chip Sweet Rolls

Last week we celebrated Joe’s birthday with FOOD.

We didn’t mean to celebrate that way but it just happened.

We had two big dinners planned.

A dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse which was AMAZING and a long over due dinner at Saskatoons with my grandparents which was also REALLY good.

dinner date



I ate more steak, chocolate mousse and cake than I would like to admit.

And we spent more in restaurants in three days than I usually spent in three weeks of grocery shopping.

We decided we are eating very clean and cheap this week to help recover from last week’s deliciousness.

Except of course for the pizza we ordered on Friday night. (please tell me I am not the only woman who wimps out on feeding her family on Friday nights, pizza for the kids and their friends is just so much easier)

And of course the steak salads I made for dinner with my sister’s family on Saturday night, and then the chocolate chip sweet rolls I made for the neighbors who are going through a rough patch.


For recipe click here

Friday night/Saturday morning, I tackled the entertainment unit in the basement. It needs an update but for not mucho dinero.

Before 3

I am trying out a gel stain method over top the existing stain. I hope it looks like this post when I am done. Here’s to hoping.

PicMonkey Collage
My wedding circa 2012

My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on a safari last week.

My siblings and I are blessed to have them as parents.

They have been great examples to us by their great (and imperfect) marriage.

They return from South Africa today as long as they didn’t get eaten by “lions and tigers and bears oh my.”

My wedding circa 2012

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

Happy Monday.


8 thoughts on “Monday Randomness: Steak, A Birthday, An Anniversary and Chocolate Chip Sweet Rolls

  1. Well, a weekend highlight for me didn’t include yummy chocolate chip sweet rolls (I’d love this recipe — what great neighborly gifts!) but we did enjoy pre-house hunting and a delightful time with our lifegroup. :) Praying for your parent’s return today!

  2. Definitely trying the ginger steak recipe!!! Thanks for all of the great ideas! Love your blog and praying your parents get home safely!

  3. Adrian and I painted a canvas and a monogram A initial for decorating her room for an apartment room on her college campus. It was easy and looks great.

  4. Wow, all the ‘treat’ food sounds absolutely fantastic Rene, thanks again for your blog,
    God bless
    Helen UK

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