Monday Randomness: My Selfish Weekend and My New Book

So I told my husband on Friday that I was not doing anything nice for anyone this weekend so I could finish the basement project (which goes to show you my true nature, totally selfish).

At first I felt a little bad about this, but it felt really good to recharge with some alone time.

And of course I still fed my family, and did all the normal wife/step-mom stuff.

I tried this recipe from the King Arthur Flour Company, Sausage Cheese Biscuits which I will do a recipe review for soon.

basement 005

And I made two family favorites, Foodie with Family ‘s slow cooker sesame chicken and the Pioneer Woman’s corn chowder.

I also made up a new recipe for French Vanilla Coffee Brownies that I will be sharing soon. SUPER EASY.

Oh, and Thursday night I attended the Knack Furniture Makeover’s book signing at Anthropologie.

I got my sister and sister-in-law to go with me.

We had a blast at the signing and then met our husbands for dinner at Tupelo Honey.


Apparently the Lord as a sense of humor because I started feeling really bad at noon on Saturday and it continued through Sunday night.

Therefore my selfish weekend didn’t turn out to be as productive as I would have liked but I did get lots of rest.
And of course I got another kick in the pants because the message at church on Sunday was about the importance of living in Biblical community with fellow believers for accountability and edification. :)

Have a great week! Happy Monday.

2 thoughts on “Monday Randomness: My Selfish Weekend and My New Book

  1. Glad you got some chill out time but sorry you didn’t feel well!. Don’t feel selfish having some downtime, we all need space to recharge our batteries and didn’t our Lord go away on his own to spend time in peace and reflection?, no better example to follow than his Rene!. God bless Helen UK

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