Monday Randomness: Overdue

This is going to be a randomness post at it’s finest.

Here are twelve things that happened during my vacation from blogging and Facebook.

#1. I still have paint in my hair from our Cheap Chic Man Cave Overhaul.

#2. While gutting our most recent project bathroom, we broke a pipe and slightly flooded our house.

#3. I discovered 4 new stretch marks on my person.

#4. I attended the Indie Craft Parade Gala again this year with my sisters. We had a blast.

#5. I cleaned out four closets in our house.

#6. Then I took THREE 55 gal. sized garbage bags full of stuff to the Goodwill donation center near my house.

#7. My sister-in-law Holly introduced me to this body wash. I am ADDICTED.

Dove Gofresh Body Wash, Restore, Blue Fig

#8. Our neighbors got a ball python.

#9. I discovered that CostCo sells coffins and pet urns.

#10. We spent a small fortune on car repairs.

#11. While perusing craigslist last week, I spotted this beauty for a steal at $400, “restaurant mannequin super cool gladiator.”


#12. And I have had two different debit cards stolen (aka lost) in a matter of two weeks.

Okay. your turn. Give me a random fact about yourself from the last two weeks.

Oh and I am doing an blogging retail therapy Ikea week. Lots of  good info on (chic cheap) products this week.

PS. Congrats to my friend Megan. She had a beautiful baby girl on Friday. Nora Kate, I can’t wait to meet you!

5 thoughts on “Monday Randomness: Overdue

  1. 1. I’m in a cooking rut. Any good vegan recipes? Please share.
    2. I cleaned my baseboards. That’s a proud moment, right here.
    3. I decided to start Project Life scrapbooking. Cutest stuff ever!

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