Retail Therapy: A Week of Ikea, Lamps for $30 and My Search for a Shade

First of all, I would like to say that I always thought Ikea was for European people who lived in cool lofts apartments, had no children and skied in the Alps for Christmas holiday.

While I am sure that is partially true, I have discovered over the past few years that Ikea is for everyone.

Cool loft or not. Ikea is for the masses, sorta like Walmart but way cooler. :) 

PS. I am a Target girl, myself.

They carry a huge array of basic home decor and staples for setting up house.

And while your house may look like you live in a minimalist Swedish home if you decorate entirely with Ikea goods….

like most home decor stores, a few items will not turn you into a yuppy person who skis in the Alps at Christmas.

Moving on, I blogged about my Ikea trip with my sisters and aunt a few weeks ago.

I just planned to get curtains (which I will blog about soon), but I went a little overboard once I got here.

I swear that place sucks you in.

And you think “Well I am stuck in here anyway, I might as well fill my cart.”

Anyway, I picked up two lamps while I was there.

I was unsure of the quality, but they were so inexpensive I thought it could not hurt.

A work lamp for my husband’s desk.

(Beware, buy the specialty bulbs that go with the lamp. I had to order them off Amazon once I got home and realized the lamp didn’t take a standard bulb)

BAROMETER Work lamp, nickel plated $29.99
Work lamp, nickel plated $29.99

and a floor lamp.

EKARP Floor lamp base, nickel plated, $30
Floor lamp base, nickel plated, $30

Well I have been living with them for a month now and I can’t tell you how much I love them.

Both are a great weight, and are a very high quality. I can’t speak for all Ikea lamps, but these two are winners.

I didn’t care for the floor lamp shades that Ikea had to offer so I perused my local World Market(one of my go to places for great quality inexpensive lamp shades) and spotted this dealio (sorry that it my best attempt at slang).

And I liked the natural cork shade in contrast to the modern lamp.

cork lamp

It was just the right size and had the right internal mechanisms to fit with the Ikea EKARP Floor lamp base. Score at 75% off.


Ikea 003

The floor lamp provides extra light that was needed in one corner of our living room. I could not be happier with it.

Do you have a favorite lamp?

4 thoughts on “Retail Therapy: A Week of Ikea, Lamps for $30 and My Search for a Shade

  1. Thanks for the review. I need a new floor lamp. I’m going to go to IKEA once I get up the energy. BTW the IKEA blue bags are the best 69 cents you’ll ever spent. I’ve blogged about them twice!

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