Retail Therapy: A Week of Ikea, My Hunt For Curtains

If you missed my great astute explanation of my feelings for Ikea and trips to the Alps for the Christmas holiday check out Tuesday’s post here.

I had been hunting for new curtains for our eat-in kitchen area and living room since before I got married Nov 2012.

It is kinda one great big room so I really wanted a curtain to unify both spaces.

When I moved from my apartment into my new husband’s home(in case this causes confusion, I only have one husband. I am not some strange reverse polygamist. Speaking of which, i am addicted to watching Sister Wives on TLC) I brought my old curtains with me.

And they functioned in the interim, but I really wanted to make a fresh start curtain-wise (made up new word).

You can see the old curtains in this photo of our eat-in kitchen area.

Or in the photo below.

Stenciling 12

So I looked at all my good sources for ready-made curtains. Ready-made cotton curtains because I can’t stand polyester anything. High maintenance I know.

Tip: If you want your curtains to look more expensive then they actually are always buy curtains made of natural fibers ie cotton, linen, wool, silk. This tip goes for shower curtains too. 

Then I looked at fabric by the yard in an attempt to convince myself that I could just make my own (who am I kidding, I did’t want to make my own). Although I did make my master bedroom curtains and my sun room curtains (which I still need to blog about), in case you think my home ec education went to waste.

And then I thought about having the lady who makes curtains for my decorating clients just make me two sets of panels.

But at $200 approx each that was more than I wanted to spend.

Fast forward 10 months later.

I was searching on the Ikea site for inexpensive fabric options for a client; and I came across these linen curtains.

MALIN TRÅD Curtains, 1 pair, multicolor
Curtains, 1 pair, multicolor

They were subtly colorful and yet still neutral.

And I loved that I could get two panels for $40 which is a steal especially for linen.

I also loved the white wavy detail on the sides.

I showed them to Nancee Lee and she was unimpressed, but I tried not to be deterred.

So we took a serious Ikea trip to Charlotte, the mecca of great shopping in the south (other than Atlanta).

I grabbed them as soon as I spotted the curtain display along with a couple packs of curtain rings.

They came home with me.

And I cannot be happier with how they look in my home.

I also picked up one matching pillow cover to add to my sofa; it helped tie the curtains in with the rest of the room.

MALIN TRÅD Cushion cover, multicolor $4.00
Cushion cover, multicolor

I tend to decorate with semi-neutrals and then add color and texture in accessories so these fun neutral but colorful curtains fit right in.

I did hang them with the white wavy edge on the inside to frame the window.

ikea curtains



And everyone lived happily ever after.

10 thoughts on “Retail Therapy: A Week of Ikea, My Hunt For Curtains

  1. I love these. I NEED an Ikea trip and love how close the Charlotte store is to Greenville. These curtains have just convinced me its time to go! Now, to find time in this month to squeeze a trip in…

  2. Love them! Rene’ could you offer me some suggestions….I am getting ready to re-do my bedroom. My new comforter set is off white and brown and I, like you, decorate with neutrals and then bring in colorful accessories. What color accessories would you recommend? I am already using brown and aqua in my kitchen and one of my son’s bedrooms is green and brown. What would you suggest? Also, I am going to paint the walls chocolate brown. Thanks!

  3. I love your style, Rene’! Brian said after group that night that we must be two peas in a pod — but I think your pod is much more coordinated than mine. :) I’ve never been to Ikea but when we move (several months down the road) we’ll be heading to Charlotte. Thanks for sharing your pics! Very helpful.

  4. Hey . Love the new curtains :) My nearest Ikea is Charlotte also so I was wondering where did you get the rods and if the sheers are at Ikea aswell .Thanks ! Robyn

    1. I am not sure which sheers you are referring too. And the wooden rods were left by the previous homeowners. I just spray painted them black and added Ikea rings. I know those same wooden rods are sold at Home Depot and Lowes.

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