Home Improvement: Our Kid Bathroom Progress and the Flood

If you missed the first post about our bathroom plans go here.

This is what we started with.

And then I painted.

Kid Bathroom Progress

And hung some art and bought a shower curtain for a steal.

And this is how the bathroom remained for about 12 months while we worked on other projects.

And then we changed our minds 6 times about what kind of tile to buy to replace the yellowing vinyl.

While we were deciding on tile, Joe and Tucker tore the bathroom apart the other day, including the old vanity and toilet.

And then we promptly flooded the bathroom. Water was flowing through the light fixtures and air ducts in the ceiling of  basement and onto the floor downstairs.

It was a tense 10 minutes.

After a house shut-off failed to work, and Joe had to run out to the street and turn the water off.

It was a mess. And our relaxing labor day weekend turned out to be laborious.:)

But we got all the water cleaned up, and thankfully we own a high powered dehumidifier that dried the place out in no time.

After all the drama died down and the floor was dry, Joe and Tucker leveled the floor and laid the concrete board in preparation for our tile and new vanity.


Due to a price match, O.co sold this to me for $250. $300 off!

And so now we are knee deep in blue penny tile. Can’t wait to share the finished product.

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