Monday Randomness (for Tuesday): 70’s, Re-fried beans, Southern Hospitality , Chicken Soup and Oven Cleaner

In case you thought this post was about bell bottom jeans and Farrah Fawcett, it’s not.

I was just so excited that the temps dropped into the 70’s during the day that I had to document it.

I LOVE Fall.

Bring on more 76 degree days.

I started off this past weekend by eating my weight in bananas and water because I am having night time leg cramps again.

They are painful and cause crazy nightmares. Friday night’s was that my mom died.

Don’t worry though. She didn’t die because she just emailed me that her new Birks shipped and she is excited.

Saturday morning I tried out a new recipe for re-fried beans in the slow cooker.

I actually ended up combining several recipes which I will blog about soon.

I am hooked. So easy and so cheap. And SO SO flavorful. No more canned re-fried beans in my house, ever!

And I will probably start using them to replace meat in several of my go to Tex Mex recipes. Money savings $$$.


Poppi has also decided that he will only eat dog food with Parmesan on top. He thinks he is a foodie.

Then Saturday afternoon, I decided to clean the oven because of a pizza mishap the other day.

I am sure I killed brain cells, but my oven is sparkling.

Side note: If you ever want to be left alone at home, just start spraying oven cleaning. Everyone runs away coughing.

So while we waited for the brain cell killing fumes to die down, Poppi and I ran into our little Belks in Simpsonville and the guys went to Ace to buy more tile laying supplies.

If you ever wonder if the true Southern culture is still alive, just go to the shoe and accessories department at your local Belks.

Everyone greats you, tells you what shoes look good on you, and asks you how you like the weather. True southern hospitality at it’s finest.

The guys got a good start on laying penny tile later in the day. I think they got about halfway done before calling it quits.

I made tostadas with re-fried beans, grilled chicken, and pico de gallo for dinner. They ate EVERY bite.

By the way, my newest meat marinade is this hot sauce. Mild but very potent with an unique flavor. Tastes incredible on grilled chicken with a little honey.


TABASCO® Green Sauce

Then Sunday we got up early for the 9:00am service.

After church I made hearty grilled cheese sandwiches on this new Chicago style bread with sesame seeds that Publix is selling. YUM!

I also made the Pioneer Woman’s Italian Chicken Noodle Soup to go with the sandwiches.

My house is like a regular Panera sometimes…but it is not as overpriced and I don’t play classical music as we eat our soup and sandwiches.

Then we all took a nap and then headed off to Life Group at 5:30.

And that is a play by play of our weekend.

Happy Tuesday!

7 thoughts on “Monday Randomness (for Tuesday): 70’s, Re-fried beans, Southern Hospitality , Chicken Soup and Oven Cleaner

  1. Try some club soda before bed. It has quinine in it and really helps with leg cramps! Looking forward to the refried bean recipe!


    On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 1:00 AM,

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