Recipe Review: Two Newbies, A Comfort Recipe and A Detox Salad

I have been an underachiever in the kitchen lately.

Kinda got in a summer rut of not wanting to cook because it’s so hot outside.

Well I am slowly working myself out of this said rut.

I started out slow so as not to shock my family with foodie goodness.

I tried out this VERY simple recipe for One Pot Cheesy Chicken Dinner with Manwich sauce.

It was a hit with the men in my house.

And seriously it was probably the easiest meal I have ever prepared, unless you count pb&js.

Which I won’t eat by the way. NO pb&js for me ever! Or Capri Suns or Yo-plait yogurt.

I have past wounds in regards to these foods.

Anyway, after making this one pot hearty dish, I wanted something light and fresh the next day.

So I made this Inner Goddess Salad from Iowa Girl Eats.

It is the bomb (I have never said this before about anything, that’s how good it is).

I felt my insides singing for joy at all the good nutrition.

I left out the raw almonds and added some grilled chicken.

I also used dark mixed greens in lieu of kale and cabbage.

And I used shredded carrots because I think they are easier to eat.

Anyway, some version of this salad is going to be a regular in our house now.

I did use the dressing she suggested because I have used it before and liked it.

Simply Dressed® Pomegranate Salad Dressing

PS. Seeding and cutting the cucumber like she shows in the salad was a revelation to me. I ate twice as many cucumbers because apparently I like them much better without the seeds. Who knew?

Happy Thursday!

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