Home Improvement: Annie’s Dresser Makeover

I am posting on a Saturday which is unusual for me, but I really wanted to share my sister Annie’s latest furniture project.
She recently refinished a dresser for my niece’s nursery that she found at Goodwill over Memorial Day weekend.
The solid wood dresser was only $35 from the Goodwill on Wade Hampton in Greer, SC.
After lightly sanding it, she painted the base a happy yellow color, Then she re-stained the top and finished it all with Fiddes Wax from this post.
(Side note: She now loves this wax as much as I do. It’s just amazing stuff)
And the original hardware was in good shape so she just gave it a new finish with some dark spray paint.
Goodwill Dresser Makeover
I love the way it turned out:)
If you would like to see her nursery project made from leftover wedding decorations, go here.

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