Monday Randomness: A Deja Vu Weekend and A Project that Won’t Knock Your Socks Off

So I wish I could say that I worked on a fabulous project this weekend , but I didn’t.

I did laundry,

lots and lots of dishes,

did some more closet organizing,

made Italian Drip Beef Sandwiches,

a Triple Chocolate Cake,

and acted like a tile cheerleader (picture a redhead in yoga pants with chocolate cake batter on her t-shirt and a whisk for a pompom) for Joe who was laying bathroom tile.

Oh and we did have Joe’s brother and his wife over for dinner on Saturday. (I made Boursin Cheese pasta and goddess salad, recipes are in the recipe index).

And so this weekend was much like last weekend minus the re-fried beans.

But it did rain. And I love a rainy Saturday, almost as much as I love a rainy Sunday.

And speaking of Sunday, we were actually able to have a real day of rest because we didn’t have anything scheduled other than church.

Thanks for your help last week with the paint color selection for our bathroom; the comments on the blog and all over Facebook were great (with so many different responses:)

Oh and if you missed it last Thursday, my blog was featured on two sites. and

Happy Monday and for those who asked the slow cooker re-fried bean recipe is posting this week!

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