Home Improvement: My Sister’s Home Overhaul- The Game Plan

As I posted on the blog facebook page a few weeks ago, my sister and I are working on a house that she and her husband are buying.

(I was honored that she asked me to help; these construction selections are really my favorite kind of “decorating” projects)

The home was built in the late 80’s and has LOTS of dark trim but also has a relatively open floor plan with lots of big windows and a HUGE kitchen (which I am trying not to be jealous of).

When the renovation is completed in December, it will be drastically changed cosmetically.

Paint, carpet, every sort of hardware including door, tile, counter tops, appliances, exterior colors, light fixtures.

Anyway, we have already selected many of the new items for the home, but last Thursday after work we picked all the granite for the kitchen and bathrooms and paint colors for the whole home.

Nancee's remodel

Lot’s of refinished hardwood floors, patterned carpet, grey granite, white tile, nickel and black finishes with fun airy colors to help make the home look bright and fresh.

 After dating for 8 years, both graduating with accounting degrees, getting married, and Jordan receiving his masters and passing his CPA exam, these two financial gurus are ready to be home owners.

nL and Jordan

We are really excited for this new phase in their life.

And I can’t wait to share the whole project with you all.

7 thoughts on “Home Improvement: My Sister’s Home Overhaul- The Game Plan

  1. My oldest son went through school and college with your sister and brother-in-law. It will be fun to see before and after pictures! Congratulations to them!

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