Getting the Most Use Out of Your Holiday Decorations and Happy Fall

If you have ever been overwhelmed with the prospect of decorating for holidays this post is for you.

As someone who has been called “the Grinch” regarding my attitude towards holiday decorations (by my sister-in-law no less:), I just needed proof that I decorated for the fall season this year, sort of.

There are two reasons for my bad attitude towards holiday decorating.

#1. I spend a lot of time getting my house looking the way I want it. Rearranging my year round decor to add more holiday decor just seems like a waste of time because I have to pull it out and then put it away. Makes me tired just thinking about it. I have a hard enough time just keeping up with everyday dishes and laundry.

#2. I would rather spend money on items I can enjoy year round than on something I only display for a few weeks or a month at most.

So I have developed a treatment for my bad attitude towards holiday decor: just use what I have on hand plus a few fresh inexpensive items ie a poinsettia, a pumpkin, fresh flowers, pine boughs, or acorns etc.

Then when the holiday is over I just throw away the perishable items or put them in the compost pile.

Fall 2013,

So here is a rundown of the items on my “fall porch.”

Of course, I used the same yellow wreath that I purchased from Pier1 over 3 years ago; sooner or later I hope it falls apart so I can finally get a new one without feeling guilty.

And I also used the outdoor pillows that I used all summer, spring and last Christmas (let me tell you you can get your money’s worth by buying green polka dot outdoor pillows, they go with every season, although red pillows would also work in the same way:)

I just added a yellow mum from our local Ace Hardware that I potted using a pot from my pot stash (not that kind of pot stash, I know what you were thinking), a pumpkin from our trip to get apples this weekend, and an acorn wreath that I purchased from Decor Steals back in August.

So the moral of this story is: buy decorations that can be used for more than one season.

You will save lots of money that way!

Happy Fall.

For some inspiration on generic holiday decorations, go to my post What is Worth Buying at Ikea.

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