Recipe Review: Best Ever Steak Marinade (3 ingredients)

My husband had a hankering for steak a couple weeks ago.

And since at the time he was tiling our bathroom, I was happy to oblique his request (but I would have made steak anyway, tile or no tile because I try to be a nice wife:)

I decided to use a marinade recipe I had discovered on Iowa Girl Eats website because she had already introduced the Inner Goddess Salad so in my mind she could do no wrong.

Photo source

I marinated the steak overnight rather than just 4 hours.

And we loved it. And it’s now going to be my go-to way to make steak.

It would be a GREAT recipe to use for company because it adds just a little something special. You will be the hostess with the mostess for sure. 

So if you get a craving for steak sometime soon, try this mariande.

Click here for the full recipe.

PS. I think it would also be perfect on chicken breasts/thighs or venison steaks.

Perfect Steak Marinade
PS- This steak is not burned, I promise. It’s just bad lighting :)

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