Recipe Review: TexMex Cheesy Chicken and Rice Bake

How Sweet Eats, Cheesy chicken and Rice Bake

I am an un-equal opportunist when it comes to casseroles. In fact, I just don’t make them.

I can only recall two casserole recipes that I enjoy and the one pictured above is on that list.

I made it a few weeks ago because I happen to have everything on hand and needed a quick dinner.

And my husband just gobbled it up.

Why is it that the most simple recipes are always the favorites? :)

Anyway it is definitely worth it to add these ingredients to your next grocery list. I know your family will enjoy it.

Here are a couple things I changed when I made it:

 reduced the amount of rice by half,

added 1 tsp cumin,

1/2 tsp chili powder,

and 1 fresh tomato that I added after the baking time.

Go here for the full recipe from How Sweet Eats.

The Domestic Lady- Mexican Cheese and Rice Bake

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